1859 March 23 Letter to William J. Follett


1859 March 23 Letter to William J. Follett


Money has been received for Esther Follett and Elizabeth Bayliss.




Daniel H Wells


William J. Follett


1859 March 23


Great Salt Lake City
Spanish Fork


Financial Matters

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Great Salt Lake City,
Mar 23 1859.

Elder Wm. J. Follett,
Spanish Fork,

Dear Brother:--
From your letter just received it would appear that you have not received mine of March 23rd which is as follows.

"Your letter of Feb. 21st. 1859 I duly received, but waited an answer from bro. Calkin before writing.

By last Mail from the States I learned that a sum of money has been deposited in the St. Louis Office, (which will be settled here) for your wife Esther and her sister Elizabeth Bayliss; It is desirable that they be present at the Settlement as we will want their receipts for the amount received.

If this is the money you refer to it is still in this Office subject to your order
Sister Elizabeth Brettain has drawn her share of the money. The letter you forwarded me for brother Calkin's I have sent on to him in case he might receive farther sums on your account

Your Bro in the Gospel

Daniel H Wells