1859 June 15 Letter to George W. Johnson


1859 June 15 Letter to George W. Johnson


Brigham approves of settling Uinta Springs and encourages the start of a coal business there.




Brigham Young


George W. Johnson


1859 June 15


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters

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President's Office
Great Salt Lake City
June 15th 1859.

Mr. George W. Johnson

Dear Bro:--
Your letter of June 10th. relative to forming a settlement at the Uinta Springs has been received, and in reply I have not the least objection to make, to the proposition to go there with the number of families which you mention, and further I wish you would exert yourself to get the coal business started there. I would like to see coal hauled to the head of the <Utah> Lake. from whence it can be boated on the Lake to the point of the mountain or other convenient place preparatory to its being hauled to this City. Capt. Dan Jones has my boat on the Utah Lake, and would be pleased to enter into arrangements with parties to do the boating, and I would be pleased to see a large quantity of coal delivered in this city during this coming summer. This business would confer a favor upon this community and undoubetely would be pecuniarily beneficial to those engaged in it.

Praying for the blessings of Peace and prosperity to attend you
I remain your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young