1859 June 14 Letter to S. A. Woolley


1859 June 14 Letter to S. A. Woolley


City leaders should sell or rent the factory and foundry building. There may be tithing cattle that can haul the wagon.




Brigham Young


S. A. Woolley


1859 June 14


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters

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Great Salt Lake City June 14th 1859

Elder S. A. Woolley,
Parowan, Iron Co U. T.

Dear Brother:--
Your letter of May 30. by politeness of Elder Silas S. Smith, is at hand, and in regard to the factory and foundry building I do not deem it advisable to incur any more expense upon it, but think you had better leave it in care of the authorities in Parowan to make such disposition of, by sale or rent, sale preferable, as will be most advantageous for the business interests of the Church and the people in that region. If you will seasonably advise us of your time of starting, we may be able to assist you to the cattle you wish for the low wheeled wagon. Perhaps there are Tithing cattle there which should be forwarded, if so, they can as well haul that wagon as be driven loose, which would save the expense of sending cattle from here. If you can exchange your flour, as your write, you are at liberty to do so, and after harvest we can accommodate you with a like amount of wheat or flour here.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young Sen