1859 March 10 Letter to George A. Smith


1859 March 10 Letter to George A. Smith


Brigham approves of Judge Cradlebaugh's sanction and requests the report to be printed in the next issue of the paper. Mentions the importance of maintaining peaceful councils.




Brigham Young


George A. Smith


1859 March 10


Great Salt Lake City

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Presidents Office
Great Salt Lake City
March 10th 1859

Geo. A. Smith

Dear Brother:--

Your letters per Bro Bigler last evening were thankfully received.  I particularly admired Prest. Buchanan's Message, but Judge Cradlebaugh's charge is still more to my liking  It is so refreshing to hear a man speak who knows so much and has so much pluck in him.  Judicially Judge Sinclair knows nothing but Judge Cradlebaugh knows it all,  Our paper for this week is out and we would like to have a copy of this charge submitted to General Wilson and perhaps he will obtain Cradlebaugh's sanction to the report so we can have it in time for the next issue.  We have waited over to day thinking perhaps, an official copy would be furnished for the "Valley Tan' but we understand that it is not so furnished and that they have concluded to go to press without it; as the charge was delivered extempore, we consider we have a right to use it, as it is, especially if Mr Wilson approves the report  at the suggestion of Governor Cumming Col Little will go down to assist in smoothing the rough edges and aid in keeping things quiet he being favorably acquainted with many of the Officers it is considered that he might be instrumental in preserving order, Gov. Cumming is exceedingly anxious that no collision shall occur  he thinks if order can be maintained that such proceedings will work their own curse  he will write to Judge Cradlebaugh and also to Gen. Johnston in regard to the Troops whose services it appears have been called into requisition without his sanction or even knowledge, we agree with his Excellency in believing that it will work its own curse and that it is the best policy to endure their insults and abuses rather, than condescend to resent them, they have evidently gone to Provo designing to raise amuss.  We trust that they will be disappointed.  There plans will again be frustrated if the brethren will be wise and we think that you have got and will retain the right kind of a Spirit;  It is important that peaceful councils should prevail and but a short time will elapse before the court will find itself so deeply involved in its own meshes -- inconsistencies and absurdities-- that even Hosea will not be able to extricate it.

We are all well and the Sun today has given an unclouded evidence of his humane intentions to cheer, gladden and dispel the frosts and Snows of yet lingering winter. No Mail yet

May God bless You and help Israel to prevail over all our enemies

I remain as ever your Brother in Christ.

Brigham Young