1852 January 5 Letter to Isaac Clark


1852 January 5 Letter to Isaac Clark


Concerns the relationship of James Wolsey and Sarah Fifield. Brigham recommends the Bishop not give the couple permission to be guardians of the childrens' property until they have proved themselves. Also contains unrelated tithing matters.




Brigham Young


Isaac Clark




Great Salt Lake City
Ogden City



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Great Salt Lake City  Jan 5. 1852

Dear Brother.
I have just received your letter in relation to James Wolsey and Sarah Fifield.
I do not care about saying much about it.  I think that he is about of as little account as any one she could pick up, and probably but a very little time would elapse before they would want to separate if they should marry.  The property of the children, require that [?] you have a guardian care over; as they should not be permitted to squander it.  I do not feel willing to give any permission to them, but think they had better wait awhile, and prove themselves; if so be there is any thing in them, than to make covenants probably to be broken, and disregarded, so soon as the property was gone, or some other fancy shall attract his attention.

Bro: Birch wishes to give you a credit for wheat which [illegible] of him through the tithing the first year you come in, and [illegible] you owed $200. for twenty bushels that had been received [illegible] you $2.00 per bush: for the wheat and no more, although [illegible] was your own proposition, but we [illegible] settle up than we anticipate, therefore we [?] $60 suffice, and [illegible] about it.

I am as ever your friend and brother in the Gospel of salvation.

Brigham Young

to Bishop Isaac Clark
Ogden City. Weber Co.