1852 January 5 Letter to Phineas Cook


1852 January 5 Letter to Phineas Cook


Instructions for the building of his house. Includes details on materials and prices, as well as a request for the lumbermen to be more frugal.




Brigham Young


Phineas Cook




Great Salt Lake City
Manti, Sanpete


Building and Construction

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City  Jan: 5. 1852

Dear Brother,
The foundation of my house is to be laid, five feet under the surface and three feet above, the wall is  to be two feet thick and above that, the walls are to be twenty inches [?] I would prefer not to dispose of these cattle at present, as we have other use for them; please inform bro. Siler that the paper which I let him have, can apply on my son Joseph's schooling.  it of course belongs to him. I shall probably send a bill of stone to be cut for the state house to bror Chapman.

All is going on smoothly and quietly with us.  We have advertised to pay twenty five dollars cash per thousand for first quality pine lumber; and five dollars per thousand for [illegible] good pine shingles of the first quality.  Let the lumbermen know this: we want to know the brethren will not bring things to their cash value when they know this. I think that they will find money plenty, and be a little more careful how they run to the stores with it to purchase every little article that they could [illegible] Better do without, until they can provide it themselves.  I will say no more.

May the Lord bless you, with his choice blessings, is the prayer of your friend and brother.

Brigham Young

To Phineas W. Cook Esqre.
San Pete.

P. S.  Inform sister Lewis that she can have my house when finished & farm to work if she will take it on shares.  I think she had better tarry there in consequence of wood and other conveniences that she cannot have here.