1852 January Letter to Franklin D. Richards


1852 January Letter to Franklin D. Richards


Instructions to temporarily divert funds in control of the President of the Church in Great Britain to fill an order from John M. Bernhisel.




Brigham Young


Franklin D. Richards




Great Salt Lake City
Great Britain


Financial Matters

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Great Salt Lake City
January  [illegible] 1852

President Franklin G. Richards
or the Presidency of the Church in Great Britain

Dear Brother

You are hereby instructed to [answer] for the order or orders John M. Bernhisel, out of any money in your possession pertaining to the  [gathery] at your command, and should said funds fail to meet said order or orders, you will meet and answer the same out of the Perpetual Emigrating Fund, or if such is out of any monies at your command even on credit.

The Secretary of the General Government has refused to Cash the Drafts of the Governor of Utah, which were issued in accordance with the orders and doings of Congress, and it necessary that our Delegate and Agent at Washington should be sustained, and all monies needed must be used for said purpose, and if any funds are diverted for the moment from their natural channel, they will soon be restored, and all will be right.

May peace and the blessings of the Lord continue with you
Your brother in the Gospel of Peace--

Brigham Young