1852 May 30 Letter to G.W. Cook


1852 May 30 Letter to G.W. Cook


Instructions to proceed with the building of a fort and a store, with a suggestion to build the mill separate and apart from the fort. Notice of Brigham Young attending an upcoming two-day meeting in Provo City.




Thomas Bullock


G.W. Cook




Great Salt Lake City


Building and Construction

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Great Salt Lake City
May 30, 1852

Bro: G. W. Cook

Dear brother
In reply to your letter to Pres. Young with a Plat of your intended Fort.  I am requested to say, brethren, proceed with your Fort with all reasonable dispatch, build your bastions, and let the store be inside your Fort.  The Pres. considers that you had better build your mill separate and apart from your Fort, so as not to turn the inside of your Fort into a mill yard, and you will thereby be enabled to preserve yourselves clean and neat.

It is the intention of the President to be at Provo City, next saturday and Sunday, so as to enjoy a two days meeting with the Inhabitants of that city.

The Presidency are well, and in the Mail from the States last night they feel "all is well".

Your brother in the Gospel of Jesus

Thomas Bullock.
Clerk to Pres. Brigham Young