1859 June 23 Letter to Alfred Cumming


1859 June 23 Letter to Alfred Cumming


Brigham seeks to understand what transpired in his office that offended his friend Governor Cummings.




Brigham Young


Alfred Cumming


1859 June 23


Great Salt Lake City



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Great Salt Lake City
June 23d, 1859

Dear Sir:
From some remarks that I have heard I am induced to believe that your feelings are somewhat disturbed by some conduct that lately transpired in one of my offices, and I respectfully take this method to kindly enquire of you in what manner I have in the least injured your feelings, for I trust that you need not my assurance of the best of feelings towards you upon my part, and that any cause of offence, if any, has been entirely thro' accident or misunderstanding.

I have understood that you was displeased with copies of certain accounts in my office. Mr. C. E. Bolton called upon me and remarked that the Governor wished copies of some of my accounts for the then extra contingent expenses of the Gubernatorial office while I was Governor, as he wished to make up his accounts. I immediately informed Mr. D. O. Calder, my chief clerk, of your wish expressed through Mr. Bolton, and requested him to at once furnish the copies desired. This is all I had to do with the matter, and all I new about it until I heard that you was much displeased with the papers, but up to date have not been informed upon the particular point or points causing your displeasure.

Being tenacious to ever so conduct myself as to be the worthy and efficient friend of all lovers of human rights, and not wishing to stand upon points of etiquette when I learn that the feelings of one whom I have fondly esteemed to be my friend, and whose friend I most assuredly am, have been injured by any conduct of mine, I respectfully solicit an early and corresponding frank expression of your feelings upon the subject now presented, and remain

Very Respectfully Your Excellency's Obt Servant

Brigham Young Sen

His Excellency
A. Cumming