1859 June 28 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


1859 June 28 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


Exorbitant prices by Eastern traders reiterate the need for self reliance. Eveleth is asked to purchase a well-boring machine. Crops are damaged by frost and insects.




Brigham Young


Dwight Eveleth


1859 June 28


Great Salt Lake City
San Francisco, California

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G. S. L. City, June 28th. 1859

Elder Dwight Eveleth,
San Francisco, Cal.,

Dear Brother:--
Your favor of May 25 is at hand, and I take pleasure in informing you that the books arrived in good condition as per bill, and the sum of one hundred and Seventeen dollars (117.00/100) their cost in your place, is placed to your tithing credit for the current year.

Mdz. trains from the East are arriving in this city and in Camp Floyd, and it is said that the speculators in tapes, needles, &c. have entered into a combination to keep up the exorbitant prices of the past year, which will doubtless have the good tendency to more thoroughly learn the citizens of Utah the benefit of self reliance, and thus cause them to be more combined and efficient in the correct conduct of such foreign trade as we cannot as yet well do without.

You are probably aware that Capt. Pope, U. S. A. after being engaged for some time in boring artesian wells in New Mexico, abandoned the work and advertised his well-boring apparatus for sale. It is presumable that said apparatus is complete and each article of the latest most approved pattern, and could be made very profitable use of in Utah. For these reasons I am somewhat anxious to procure that apparatus, and supposing that it was probably sold in California, and is lying useless in the hands of the purchaser, I take the liberty to ask you to be so kind as to enquire into the whereabouts and condition of said apparatus and inform me thereof at your earliest convenience also of its real value and the lowest price for which it can be bought. Bro. William C. Staines of this city expects to start for California so soon as it is time to gather scions and lift fruit trees and shrubbing, thus affording safe opportunity for the transmission of drafts, in case, upon information to be furnished by you, a purchase should be deemed advisable. I shall advise br. John M. Horner of my desires in this matter, and he may be able to afford you some assistance by way of aiding in the enquiry. Any trouble or expense that either or both of you may incur through giving the affair your attention, will be promptly and properly responded to upon notification thereof.

Affairs are moving very quietly, and our streets are considerably thronged by gold hunters on their way from Pike's Peak to California, and from California to Pike's Peak.

Owing to a strong east wind while our fruit trees were in blossom, and to some hard frosts soon after, our fruit will hardly average a half crop, and wheat is very light in many of the settlements, aside from its destruction by grasshoppers and crickets in some localities. Until recently there has been no movement of troops, since the return of Cap. Anderson and a small detachment from a trip to the neighborhood of Fort Hall and the passing of Major Lyon and a small party to the Humboldt, whose conduct while in and near our city you will have seen noticed in the Deseret News. This morning 3 companies from Camp Floyd passed near this city on their way East, to be joined by 1 Company at Fort Bridger; and a detachment passed through this city at the same time on their way to Oregon.

I would not have you understand that the enemies of truth, law, order, and human rights, both within and without Utah, are by any means idle or have in any wise altered their dispositions, but the Almighty has so often and so easily turned their wicked plans to their own confusion and disgrace that they are apparently somewhat troubled as to what course next to pursue.

Constantly assured of an overruling Power in favor of justice and right, when they should prevail, I remain, as ever,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young Sen