1859 June 28 Letter to John M. Horner


1859 June 28 Letter to John M. Horner


Horner is asked to assist Dwight Eveleth in purchasing a well boring machine. Updates are given on military movements and crops loss due to weather and insects.




Brigham Young


John M. Horner


1859 June 28


Great Salt Lake City
San Jose, California

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G. S. L. City, June 28th 1859

Elder John M. Horner,
Mission San Jose, Cal.,

Dear Brother:-- Having noticed in the papers that Cap. Pope, U. S. A. has been ordered to cease his operations in boring artesian wells in New Mexico and to sell the apparatus used in those operations, I have thought it a favorable opportunity for supplying ourselves with a complete set of the most approved instruments for boring artesian wells in Utah, a kind of well certainly much needed in our arid soil and dry climate, and which we think will be very successful in many localities. I have, at even date, written to brother Dwight Eveleth upon this subject, informing him that I wished him to consult with you upon the matter, also that I was writing to you, that your co-operation might be more beneficial and speedy than single efforts. Brother William C. Staines, of this city, expects to start for California so soon as the time arrives for cutting scions, lifting fruit trees, &c., affording a safe opportunity for the transmission of drafts, in case, upon information to be furnished by you, at your earliest convenience, it should be deemed advisable to purchase the above named apparatus. I have written upon the presumption that said apparatus was sold in California, or some easily accessible point in New Mexico, and was lying useless in the hands of the purchaser and could be bought upon reasonable terms, or if not sold we could be so advised of time and place as to be able to improve the opportunity through you or br. Eveleth, or through information in your power to furnish. You do not, probably, need my assurance that any trouble or expense you may be at in this matter will be properly and promptly attended to.

Affairs are moving along very quickly, not because evil plotters at home and abroad have given up all hopes of succeeding in their iniquitous plans and objects, but through having been so often foiled they are at present rather uncertain as to what course is best for them to take next. This morning three companies of troops passed near this city on their way from Camp Floyd to the East, to be joined by one company at Camp Scott (Fort Bridger); and a detachment passed through the city on their way to Oregon.

A strong East wind and late frosts have caused the loss of full half the promise of fruit when the trees were in blossom, and the wheat crop will be light in many settlements, aside from destruction by grasshoppers and crickets in some localities. But these are trifling matters, and amid what most abroad would esteem as privations and hardships almost unendurable, the people are blessed with the enjoyment of good health and all who delight in the prevalence of good order, justice, and human rights are busily and cheerfully occupied in the vigorous prosecution and fulfillment of their various avocations and duties.

Referring you <to> the Deseret News for further details, I remain, as ever,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young Sen