1859 June 30 Letter to Peter Schutler


1859 June 30 Letter to Peter Schutler


Payment has been made by C. A. & E. A. Perry Co. The funds will be forwarded when a safe method is available.




Brigham Young


Peter Schutler


1859 June 30


Great Salt Lake City
Chicago, Illinois


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Great Salt Lake City,
June 30th 1859

Mr. Peter Schutler,
Chicago, Illinois,

Dear Sir:--
I have the gratification to inform you that Mr. E. A. Perry, of the firm of C. A. & E. A. Perry, of this city, this day paid to me three thousand five hundred and sixty eight dollars and seventeen cents ($3568.17/100) the same being in full, principal and interest, for a note given to you by C. A. & E. A. Perry, bearing date March 26th, 1859, and due June 26, 1859.

Were it not for the uncertainty of the mails and the frequency of protested drafts on their presentation it would afford me great pleasure to purchase and forward you, by this mail, a draft for the above amount. Under the circumstances I have deemed it the more satisfactory course to you for me to retain the aforesaid money until the first reliable and responsible opportunity for its safe transmission to your hands. Capt. Wm. H. Hooper, of this city, proffered me a draft on St. Louis, but so many houses are breaking and even the Government is so prone to take exceptions on trifling grounds, that I have very little confidence in paper when compared with specie. Should another course in the matter better meet your views and business arrangements your early notification thereof will be promptly and cheerfully attended to.

My Chief clerk has just stepped in from a call upon Nr. E. A. Perry, and informs me that Mr. Perry takes some exceptions against the full and prompt payment of the second note, due in September next, on the alleged ground that the wagons were not delivered within contract time. Whether he will thus except when said note falls due is of course unknown to me, but I thought it prudent to advise you of his statement, as above named, to my clerk.

In case Mr. Perry should decline paying a part or the whole of the second note on its maturity in Sept. on the ground of non-fulfillment on your part, you will readily understand the necessity for your furnishing me, at your earliest convenience, such particulars as you may deem it necessary for me to be in possession of touching your fulfillment of the contract, also the name or names of any person or persons here, if any, who are personally cognizant of the facts concerning said contract.

Very Respectfully,
Your Obt Servant

Brigham Young