1859 July 2 Letter to Territorial Bishops


1859 July 2 Letter to Territorial Bishops


A request to prepare all Bishop's accounts to be audited at General Conference.




Brigham Young


Territorial Bishops


1859 July 2


Great Salt Lake City


Financial Matters

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General Tithing Office.
Great Salt Lake City July 2d- 1859

To the Bishops throughout the Territory.

Dear Brethren:--
On examining a statement of the accounts of the Bishops in the Territory with this office, I find many of them in a very unsatisfactory condition.
That a more uniform and correct method of keeping accounts may hereafter be adopted, I desire to make a settlement with the Bishops, and have their books audited at this office, and shall commence to do so immediately. You will therefore please have your books entered up, and at once make out a list of your disbursements, lists of debts due you in kind, list of Church property in your possession in kind, and a list of tithing paid for the coming year, to submit with your books when Called upon.

I would inform you what day to come with your books and papers, but were I to say come here on the first monday of October very likely you would make your appearance on the last monday of July the following year, and even then come unprepared and have to return without accomplishing the business.

I expect to see you at the October Conference and shall try to get a settlement then.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

(Signed) B. Young

A Copy of the above circular is sent to each of the Bishops North, South, & west.