1859 July 12 Letter to S. B. Aden


1859 July 12 Letter to S. B. Aden


It is likely that Aden's son was killed in the Mountain Meadows Massacre.




Brigham Young


S. B. Aden


1859 July 12


Great Salt Lake City
Paris, Tennessee


Mountain Meadows Massacre

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G. S. L. City, July 12. 1859.

Dr. S. B. Aden,
Paris Tennessee,

Dear Sir:--
Since my reply, of April 27. to your letter of enquiry concerning your son William A. also advertising in the current number of the Deseret News to learn his whereabouts, from all I can hear I am induced to believe that he joined the Emigrant company that was massacred at the Mountain Meadows. As all the reports that I have heard, or seen published, agree in the statement that none of that company were saved, except some sixteen very young children, it becomes my painful duty to inform you that, in case your son was in that company, I know of no reliably stated fact or even report upon which to ground the least hope that he is now alive.

With the kindest sympathies in your affliction, and holding myself ready to furnish you any additional information concerning your son William A. that may come to my knowledge, I have the honor to remain, very respectfully,

Your Obt. Servt.

Brigham Young