1859 July 18 Letter to Lorenzo Snow


1859 July 18 Letter to Lorenzo Snow


The members of the Willow Creek Ward are to meet together in the spirit of the Lord and select a Bishop.




Brigham Young


Lorenzo Snow


1859 July 18


Great Salt Lake City
Box Elder, Box Elder County

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Great Salt Lake City
July 18th 1859

Elder Lorenzo Snow,
Box Elder, Box Elder Co.,

Dear Brother:--
Bishop Dives is in my office, and I have had a little conservation with him, and conclude it best to ask you to take the trouble, at your earliest convenience, to give the people of Willow Creek Ward notice that you will meet them, at a time most convenient to them, with all the members of that Ward. I wish you to notify them to come to that meeting with as large portions of the Spirit of the Lord as possible, and with but little if any spirit of evil and antagonism. And when they are thus assembled inform them that they are at liberty and we wish them to select one good man of their number to be their Bishop, and President, and ordain the man they select to fill those offices. If they have no such man, and wish one sent into their Ward to fill those office, it will be time to attend t that matter after they have held the aforesaid meeting and failed to find one of their number to please them. If they have not a good man there, it is certainly about time they were disfellowshipped and not considered members. Exhort them to speak their minds freely, but without the spirit of contention, that all difficulties and ill feelings may go by with the past, and the people be and continue satisfied with their own action, and unitedly sustain the officer of their own choice.

Please report to me your doings and the action of the people in this matter so soon as completed.

Your Bro. in the Gospel

Brigham Young
President of the C. of J. C. of L. D. S.