1859 July 20 Letter to Warren Snow and George Peacock


1859 July 20 Letter to Warren Snow and George Peacock


It is advisable to change the nominee for Delegate to Congress in order to prevent a contest to the seat upon grounds of non-resident.




Seth M. Blair
Albert Carrington


Warren Snow
George Peacock


1859 July 20


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City, July 20th, 1859.

It has been deemed advisable to change the name which has been proposed for Delegate to Congress. Horace S. Eldredge has been absent from the Territory during the great part of the past year. Although it is well known that in this city is and has been his only residence, notwithstanding all this it has been intimated that some of our modern wiseacres have suggested that if such a man, for instance as Dr. Hurt, or Thomas S. Williams, should happen to put themselves in nomination, as has been intimated might be the case, and receive if no more than half a dozen votes he might receive the certificate of his election from the present Secretary in preference to the duly elected Delegate, upon the ground of the cavil of non-residence above mentioned. It is to avoid this caviling of fools and knaves who delight in such meanness, and to timely anticipate any such possible result, and perhaps a contest for the seat of Delegate in Congress, that we have deemed it wisdom to make this change. Hoping that the returns will show creditable interest in so important a matter as a general election.

We remain yours, &c.

Seth M. Blair, Chairman
Albert Carrington, Secretary

Great Salt Lake City
July 20th. 1859.

Warren S. Snow & George Peacock 

You will perceive, by the enclosed circular, that it has been deemed wisdom to substitute the name of William H. Hooper for delegate instead of Horace S. Eldredge. Not to have any misunderstanding about this change we have sent messengers south in advance of the Deseret News, as the time is short and it might not reach you before the day of election. As these messengers will not have time to go by San-pete, we have deemed it expedient to send this letter which will be forwarded to you by some safe Messenger from Nephi, who will explain to your satisfaction the reason for this change in the nomination

We remain, as ever, yours, &c.

Seth M. Blair, Chairman.
Albert Carrington, Secretary.