1859 July (Likely) Letter to Silas Smith


1859 July (Likely) Letter to Silas Smith


Counsel to extend more time to two debtors. The road in Provo canyon was built to promote business. Past conduct is forgiven.




Brigham Young


Silas Smith


1859 July Likely


Provo, Utah County, U. T.

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President Silas Smith,
Provo, Utah Co. U. T.,

Dear Brother:--
Yours of the 23rd. inst. is at hand per bearer. In relation to the indebtedness to the Tithing Office, noticed in your letter, I have already advised br. Shelton, in reply to a letter from him, that he was at liberty to retain his house and lots for the present, subject to his indebtedness to the Office, and make efforts to so pay, as speedily as consistent, as to be able to liquidate the Office demands without being obliged to turn over his property. I presume the same leniency would accommodate the other debtor you mention, and so long as the debts are safe on account of property now owned by them, it will probably be no more than just to extend to each of them reasonable accommodation in time.

I am pleased to learn that the road in Provo Canon is in good repair, and trust that it can be so managed in future that the income from it will not only keep it in sufficient repair, but also afford a considerable revenue. You are probably aware that I made and paid for that road almost solely with a view to make and encourage business in Utah County, and I trust that the county will use due diligence, to refund that outlay in a liberal spirit, for it certainly has been and will be of great benefit to them

With regard to the last point stated by you, I can have but little to write upon it to one of your years, experience, profession, and standing. The past is forgiven, so far as I am acquainted and concerned with it, but you are certainly fully aware that a repetition of such conduct has a direct and certain tendency to injure business capabilities and to destroy the confidence of the brethren. Presuming that I shall not hear of its recurrence.

I remain as ever your Bro in the Gospel.

Brigham Young