1859 July 28 Letter to Mrs. Patterson Oakley


1859 July 28 Letter to Mrs. Patterson Oakley


Oakley may call on Silas Smith to procure a house and lot for her. Yearly payments will depend on the value of the house.




Brigham Young


Mrs. Patterson Oakley


1859 July 28


Provo, Utah County, Utah Territory


Financial Matters

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G. S. L. City, July 28. 1859

Mrs. Patterson Oakley,
Provo, Utah Co., U. T.

Dear Sister:--
In reply to your letter of the 20th inst., I hereby authorize you to call upon Bishop Silas Smith of Provo to assist you to procure a house and lot in that city, to the value of some $150 or $200, and give you the 'year and a half or so' you wish for time in which to make payment therefor; and also authorize Bishop Silas Smith to render you the aforesaid assistance, furnishing you in preference, if agreeable, some house and lot now owned in that city by the Church, and in either event retaining ownership of said property until payment is made, when a deed will be given to you.

If we help you to the amount of $100, we shall require you to pay 10 Dollars a year rent until paid, and if you are assisted to the amount $150, we shall require 15 dollars rent a year; and if $200, the rent therefor will be 20 dollars

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young