1859 July 29 Letter to Alfred Cumming


1859 July 29 Letter to Alfred Cumming


A request to provide storage for the property of the late Surveyor General in order to make room for the incoming Surveyor General.




Brigham Young


Alfred Cumming


1859 July 29


Great Salt Lake City



Item sets

Great Salt Lake City, U. T.
July 29, 1859.

His Excellency A. Cumming,
Governor of the Territory of Utah.

Learning that Col. Stambaugh, the recently appointed Surveyor General for Utah, is expected to arrive at an early date, and having for nearly two years carefully stored and cared for the property, (as per list in your possession, except the perishable articles,) removed from the building in this city officially occupied by the late Surveyor General David H. Burr, it will be highly gratifying to me if your Excellency will, so soon as may suit your convenience, accept the delivery to your personal care of the aforesaid property except those articles whose character dictated their disposal, and which shall be promptly accounted for, upon your order, in such manner as your judgement may dictate.

Should your Excellency find it inconvenient to furnish storage for the above named property, it will afford me pleasure to render you such aid therein as you may require, or to provide a suitable room.

I have the honor to remain,

Very Respectfully,
Your Ob't Servant,

Brigham Young