1859 August 7 Letter to Silas Smith


1859 August 7 Letter to Silas Smith


Smith may occupy the Allen House and is asked to rent out the old tithing office. Bills of divorcement are to be delivered after payment is received.




Brigham Young


Silas Smith


1859 August 7


Great Salt Lake City


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President's Office
Great Salt Lake City Augt. 7th/59

Elder Silas Smith,

Dear Brother:--
In reply to yours of 5th inst. I do not wish to sell the "Allen house", but if it suits your purpose better than anyother you can purchase you have permission to occupy it -- if it does not materially alter the arrangements of those already in possession.

I think you had better secure the roof and walls of the old tithing office, if you can get the work done on labor tithing, and rent it <to> a good tenant. If you do rent it be sure to have a written contract so that no misunderstanding may afterwards exist as to length of lease and amount of rent and time of its payment.

It is my wish that you remit me all sums collected for bills of divorce, and that you do not deliver any bills until you receive the pay.

As soon as bro. Newal or his wife Mary pay for their bill of divorce I will forward it.

Your Bro. in the Gospel

Brigham Young