1859 August 18 Letter to John Cornwell


1859 August 18 Letter to John Cornwell


Disputes should be settled with little trouble and involving the fewest people possible.




Brigham Young


John Cornwell


1859 August 18


Great Salt Lake City
Ogden City, Weber County, U. T.



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G. S. L. City, Aug. 18. 1859.

Mr. John Cornwell,
Ogden City, Weber Co. U. T.

Sir:-- In regard to the land wheat, which you mentioned in your letter of the 16th. inst. to me, they are matters that I am not acquainted with, neither do I wish to be, as my time and duties will not possibly admit of my attending to all cases of difference, especially where there are so many persons in the same neighborhood who are acquainted with the facts in the case and amply competent to decide thereon. It is rather strange that at this late day, among those trying to be Saints, a little property should be permitted to make differences between brethren. But when those differences do arise, it certainly appears to be far the wisest plan to make the least possible trouble about them, and to confine that trouble to the fewest possible number, and those few to be persons most accessible to and familiar with the circumstances, and, if parties cannot nor will not settle their own affairs, let such persons decide in justice and equity.

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young