1859 August 19 Letter to Agnes Hoagland


1859 August 19 Letter to Agnes Hoagland


Contrary to Hoagland's account, her husband insists that he has provided provisions and schooling for his family. She is counseled to cooperate or file for divorce.




Brigham Young


Agnes Hoagland


1859 August 19


Great Salt Lake City


Domestic Dispute

Item sets


G. S. L. City. Aug. 19, 1859

Sister Agnes Hoagland:--
Your husband has written to me concerning supplying your wants, paying school bills, &c., from which I learn that he has furnished you with 7117 pounds of flour since Feb. 7, 1857., and 110 pounds of meal and shorts; he also states that he has furnished you with wood until within a week or so past, during which time he was without wood himself; I also understand from his letter that he has paid all school Bills, except a balance of $18.00 on a school bill for two of your children who will do nothing for br. Hoagland.

Let the above be as it may, I certainly think, so far as I can understand the matter, that it would be well for you to listen to your husband, and to teach your children to do so; and for both yourself and children to study and practice industry and economy. Should such a course not please you, I may, in case further complaints come to me, advise you to get a bill from your husband when he will entirely withdraw his support from you.

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young