1852 September-November Letter to Orson Pratt


1852 September-November Letter to Orson Pratt


Personal letter expressing pleasure that Orson Pratt arrived home safely after a desert trip. Also contains updates on Dr. Bernhisel and Mr Ferris, the New Secretary.




Brigham Young


Orson Pratt


Sept.-Nov. 1852


Great Salt Lake City
Utah Territory

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Great Salt Lake City

Elder Orson Pratt

Dear brother

We received a letter from your Comp  [illegible] 
bro Clayton from which we were happy to learn of your                                                 fine prosperous journey, and the peaceful and                    
spirit which seemed to prevail in the Camp.  We rest assured that            
this spirit accompanied the Desert trip, and before this
your destination, snugly ensconced in some office or room, busily engaged in forcibly illustrating, elucidating, and demonstrating to the understanding of the children of Men, the principles of our holy religion; unfolding even those truths which have lain hid for many years

[?] Ietters from Dr Bernhisel per last mail which arrived on the [?] from Washington City, stating that Congress had adjourned and that he was about to depart for New York to recruit his health the excitement, and arduous labor [?]       
session had considerably [illegible]

We hope, as we believe, that the [?] be invigorated and be enabled to return to his post at the commencement of the ensuing session, with renewed energy and vigor, and by your safe arrival with additional intelligence, be fortified withal for a stormy and extended, and formidable fight, [?] around his path and gain a more glorious victory, surpassing in laurels any which hath hitherto entwined his brow.  We hope that at an early day, he will present our Memorial and Petitions, and place things in their most favorable train for

Mr. Ferris the New Secretary has just arrived
and he also seems willing to do all that                                                      
his instructions [illegible]
He further [illegible]
compensation [illegible]
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of the [Federal] judge 
things no[one] [illegible]
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I remain truly and [illegible]
in the gospel of [?]