1859 August 24 Letter to Zerubbabel Snow


1859 August 24 Letter to Zerubbabel Snow


Counsel to keep records and testimony of events in Cedar County, particularly of the burning and outrages at the Fort. Advise is given on protecting property and lives.




Brigham Young


Zerubbabel Snow


1859 August 24


Great Salt Lake City
Fort Cedar, Cedar County, U. T.

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G. S. L. City. Aug. 24, 1859.

Judge Z. Snow,
Fort Cedar, Cedar Co., U. T.,

Dear Brother:--
Your note of the 21st. inst. is at hand, and in my judgement it is certainly wise to keep a minutely detailed record of the events transpiring in your county, being careful as to correctness of dates and facts, and also to get certified statements of the more important events, whenever in any-wise practicable. The disposition to be made of such record and depositions can better be determined as affairs progress, it being difficult or impossible to classify their most proper disposal until it is known in what they consist and what the then circumstances are.

It is doubtless most advisable to keep your women and children away from your Fort and, settlement until the wild-fire somewhat burns out, and let all the abled bodied males be constantly ready for haying, harvesting, guarding and every other operation necessary for the preservation of their property, rights and lives, without at the same time incurring too much risk. If soldiers and other strangers come around your Fort, treat them with all due civility and kindness, and with the greatest possible forbearance. Should there be any women who are not wise enough to discern the necessity of their being removed to places of safety, conduct your affairs as though they were not there, not suffering them in the least to impede any movement deemed wise and prudent.

It will be best for the brethren to retain ownership of the Fort and their improvements and other connected rights, and should any one wish to sell it can possibly be so arranged that the ownership still continue with the brethren who wish to remain.

In regard to the late burning and other outrages at your Fort, you had better begin at once to get all the testimony you can in the case, in proper form; and continue to do so at all times, making such collateral notes on each event as your judgement may dictate, and do not wait until a matter becomes cold and forgotten and the parties scattered. It will also be well to learn the proper forms and get out in due form such papers as are necessary in relation to the hay burning and stock killing done at your Fort by the Soldiers or a mob from Camp Floyd, in readiness to be forwarded to the War Department by our Delegate, Cap. W. H. Hooper, who expects to leave for the East soon after the 13th of September next. You can also have in readiness, to send with said papers, such accompanying and explanatory written statements, over your own signature, as your judgement may deem proper.

Please learn all you can authentically, and properly certified if possible, about Eckles' course in relation to the Grand Jury for his court at Nephi.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young