1852 November 25 Letter to Albert G. Fellows


1852 November 25 Letter to Albert G. Fellows


Letter accompanied a copy of "Agricultural Circular" with additional directions within relating to the Patent Office Report. Instructions to send a report as soon as soon as possible.




Daniel H. Wells


Albert G. Fellows




Great Salt Lake City


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Great Salt Lake City. Nov 25th 1852.
To Albert G. Fellows

Dear Brother.

Enclosed please find "Agricultural Circular," a few copies of which have been forwarded to President Young, by Thomas Eubank Commissioner of Patents, Patent Office, Washington City.  The Circular explains the object for which it is sent, and I [illegible] that it is requested that the information sought may be forwarded as soon as convenient; as it is desired to have out the Patent Office Report before the adjourning of Congress that the [illegible] of the Members may become available for [?] distribution

I am requested by the President, [illegible] you to furnish such information as [illegible] in your power in relation to the subject matter enquired of therein or any item of a similar kind which [illegible] is, or may be of any general interest, and send <report> the same to his office with as little delay as practicable, that a general report may go hence in  [?]
I am as ever, your friend and brother
D. H. Wells.

Great Salt Lake City
June 14th
Great Salt Lake City
June 14th 1851