1859 August 26 Letter to Saints en route Salt Lake City


1859 August 26 Letter to Saints en route Salt Lake City


John Taylor and Franklin Richards will assist the emigration. The immigrants are counseled on the use of fresh cattle and encouraged to have men repair the road ahead of them,




Brigham Young


Saints en route Salt Lake City


1859 August 26


Great Salt Lake City


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G. S. L. City, Aug. 26. 1859.

Dear Brethren and Sisters,
En route for this City,

Elders John Taylor and Franklin D. Richards have cheerfully and promptly responded to the suggestion that they go out and meet you and assist you with such counsel and cheer as their experience, judgement and presence will enable them to extend.

We counsel you not to mix your cattle to work in the same team with the cattle sent to your assistance, but to let the two classes of cattle work on separate wagons, that a yoke or two of fresh cattle be not at once pulled down in working with tired cattle which are of little or no aid to them. It is also highly advisable that the teamsters sent back with the teams have oversight of them as far as may be practicable, that they may be able to see that they are properly treated and safely returned to their owners in as good condition as the circumstances will admit, Elders Taylor and Richards will give this matter their attention, but there movements will necessarily be of such a nature that it will devolve mainly upon the officers of the companies relieved to see that the above counsel in regard to cattle is faithfully carried out.

When the Church Train reaches the last convenient stopping place east of the top of the Big Mountain, or before, if you have the men to spare, send men ahead to fix the road on this side of the Big Mountain, and do not hurry after them so fast as to give them no chance to repair the bad places. Attention to this matter and the judicious expenditure of a little labor will tend greatly to prevent serious accidents and destruction of property.

Praying the Lord to speed and prosper you in the remainder of your journey,
I remain, as ever, Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young