1859 August 27 Letter to Peter Maughan


1859 August 27 Letter to Peter Maughan


Brigham reminds settlers that constant vigilance and preparation are the price of safety.




Brigham Young


Peter Maughan


1859 August 27


Great Salt Lake City
Cache County, U. T.


Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City, Aug. 27, 1859.

Bishop Peter Maughan,
Cache County, U. T.,

Dear Brother:--
Your note per hands of Bro. Obray is before me, and the information therein contained furnishes another evidence, among the many heretofore, that in an Indian country 'constant vigilance is the price of safety.' I regret the loss sustained by the brethren, but rejoice that it was no greater, and that no person was killed. I trust, after all, that you have bought much excellent experience at a tolerably cheap rate.
I do not know how often the brethren in new and isolated settlements will have to be cautioned against the occurrence of such events, but presume the present warning will prove sufficient to cause you to forthwith place your families in securely built forts, to make strong yards for your animals, and guard them in the yards by night and send sufficient day guards with them to the ranges. All hay & grain should be stacked, so far as possible, where it can be guarded from destruction by fire, with the least expenditure of time and labor, and thrash and secure your wheat with all reasonable, dispatch. When wood, poles, timber, or any thing else, is to be procured from the kanyons or any other points a short distance beyond the reach of timely and efficient assistance, prudence requires that enough armed men go together, work together and return together to warrant their safety.

Trusting that these and all other necessary steps will be taken for the preservation of your lives and property, and that you will be blessed in so doing,
I remain, as ever Your brother in the Gospel.
Brigham Young

P. S. Please read this letter to the brethren and ask them to be wise; by no means to neglect faith, but to put good works with their faith.

The Council contained in this letter is designed for all the settlements in Cache Valley.

B. Y.