1853 Letter to Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich


1853 Letter to Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich


An update on associates and the conditions in Salt Lake. Mentions emigration, John Bernhisel, E.A. Bedell and a payment to Henry G. Sherwood.




Brigham Young


Amasa Lyman
Charles Rich




Great Salt Lake City
San Bernardino, CA

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Great Salt Lake City

Bros. Lyman & Rich,

Dear Brethren,  Since your departure [illegible] no matters of very great importance have transpired    We desire to keep you informed in the advancement [illegible] in the business items which  concern you

The weather thus far has been unusually cool, cloudy and showery and the Lakes and streams higher than at any time since our arrival here, doing much damage in the City and County  but they are now abating [illegible] the bridge at [illegible]  been swept off and the wife of [?] (names not reported,) have been drowned in trying to cross Weber River, and a child of John T. Smiths, aged 3 years has been drowned in this City in City Creek.

The Grasshoppers  have seriously injured the crops in the Big field, and at a few <other> places,  still our fields in general bid fair to yield an abundant harvest. A few emigrants have began to pass through our City from the East & West.  Peace & prosperity and in all our borders, and we are urging on the public works with all the force at our command praying constantly for an increased amount of means for those works, [illegible] and the emigrating fund, that we may the sooner enjoy the privileges of a Temple, and the more rapidly deliver the honest in heart from oppression.

Should circumstances warrant my visit to San Bernard. in the fall I shall send [?] you to make every reasonable exertion [illegible] and the emigrating fund [illegible] by that person [illegible]

Please pay Elder Henry G. Sherwood [?] one hundred dollars out of the tithing in the way it will best suit him to receive it.  As to your [illegible] City [illegible] and survey it to please yourselves [illegible] lots therein as will best accord with  your judgment
Bro Bernhisel is not in good health & spirits on a/c of his past faithfulness [illegible] to re--elect him.

Bro John M. Cor [illegible] to him and writes that you may pay [illegible] on the amount, provided you [?] to apply on his Tithing, [illegible] amount before named.
We have learned of [illegible] officers except that Mr. Holeman has been removed and E. A. Bedell is appointed Indian Agent, you [illegible] that Bedell was friendly to us in our difficulties at Nauvoo while I was Post Master at Warsaw.

I remain as ever
Your Friend & Bro.  in the Gospel of Salvation

Brigham Young

Majors Lyman & Rich
San Bernardino