1859 September 8 Letter to Reddick N. Allred


1859 September 8 Letter to Reddick N. Allred


When asked, Brigham extends counsel on where families may settle presuming they don't interfere with others rights. Only the county courts and Legislature make grants of land.




Brigham Young


Reddick N. Allred


1859 September 8


Great Salt Lake City
Nephi, Juab County, U. T.



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G. S. L. City, Sep. 8, 1859.

Elder Reddick N. Allred,
Nephi, Juab Co., U. T.,

Dear Brother:--
Your letter of the 4th came to hand at date. Father Black informed me, some time ago, that he and his family had thought of settling at Duck Springs, but upon examination learned that others had preceded him in that selection. He then expressed a desire to go to the site of the old settlement on Canal Creek, and I informed him that I had no objection, presuming, of course, that such a movement did not and would not interfere with any previously granted or acquired rights belonging to others. I do not make grants of lands, that power is vested in the Legislative Assembly and the County Courts. Brethren apply to me for counsel in regard to going to this, that, and other places, and when the judgement grants permission it as always upon the presumption that the desired change will not infringe upon any person's rights.

It certainly seems to me, at this distance, that in Sanpete County, as elsewhere, the more directly water, after it leaves the kanyons, is applied to the soil the better, and that it is certainly unwise to lead a small stream a long distance in loose soil and under a hot sun. But those who are familiar with the localities, streams, and rights in any section should be the best judges as to the best disposition to be made of the water and other facilities for the greatest welfare of all concerned.

As San Pete County and its different settlements have men of experience, good judgement, authority, and I presume, men willing and ready to extend to each other their several rights and privileges, I trust that the different locations will be occupied as your numbers increase until your valley is developed to its utmost capacity, and that too will the development and practices of the fewest possible wrongs, oppressions and weaknesses.

Your Brother in the Gospel.

Brigham Young