1859 September 14 Letter to Franklin W. Young


1859 September 14 Letter to Franklin W. Young


Young will be ordained the President and Bishop in Payson.




Brigham Young
Heber C. Kimball
Daniel H Wells


Franklin W. Young
The Brethren and Sisters in Payson


1859 September 14


Great Salt Lake City


Church Leadership

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Presidents Office,
G. S. L. City, U. T., Sep. 14, 1859.

President and Bishop Franklin W. Young,

Dear Brother:--
It has been deemed best, in consideration of certain important circumstances of which you are aware, to ordain you to be the President and Bishop in Payson. Myself and Prest. Heber C. Kimball will be your counselors.

You are authorized to call upon Bishop Charles Hancock for the books, papers, &c., belonging to his office as the late Bishop of Payson, and he is here in required and authorized to deliver said books, papers, &c., to you upon your requisition thereof.

To the Brethren and Sisters in Payson:--
We take the liberty of stating to you by these presents that your newly appointed President and Bishop, F. W. Young, has not seen many years in this time, but so far as we know and have proven he is faithful and prompt in all duties, and disposed to do that which is right and for the best welfare of all concerned, for which, and for other good and sufficient reasons, we trust that President Young will receive the aid of your faith, prayers, and good works in the discharge of the duties now devolved upon him, and that both himself and the people, through faithfulness, may enjoy those blessings which attend well doing.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young Heber C. Kimball D H. Wells

by B. Young