1859 September 19 Letter to J. D. Ross


1859 September 19 Letter to J. D. Ross


All monies collected on Slade's account should be paid into the Liverpool Office.




John Slade


J. D. Ross


1859 September 19


Great Salt Lake City


Financial Matters

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City
Sept. 19, '59

J.D. Ross, Esqr.

Dr. Bro. J.D. Ross,
I am happy to inform you that I arrived here with my wife in good health on Thursday the 15. inst.

Since my arrival I have entered into arrangements with President B. Young and to be prepared for some business transactions I wish you with the consent of President Young to pay all monies that you have collected or may collect on my account into the Liverpool office and that you receive receipts for the same in order that you may have all things done in a business-like manner for your own safety. You will please to advise me of such payments, etc. at your earliest convenience.

You will excuse my writing more now as I am unsettled at present and the missionaries are about to start for England. I feel disappointed at not finding a letter here from you.-- I wrote you twice on our journey -- one from New York and one from Florence. -- Hoping you are well and with our kind regards to yourself,

Sister Ross & family I remain, Dr Brother, in haste
Yrs. ever faithfully &c

John Slade