1859 September 20 Letter to Asa Calkins


1859 September 20 Letter to Asa Calkins


The missionaries recently sent are to travel from Conference to Conference. Instructions are given on the funds of John Slade and a draft favoring Brigham.




Brigham Young


Asa Calkins


1859 September 20


Great Salt Lake City
Liverpool, England

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Financial Matters
Missionary Work

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Presidents Office
G.S.L. City, Sep. 20, 1859.

President A. Calkin,
42 Islington, Liverpool, England,

Dear Brother:--
Since closing my letter to you, bearing date Sep. 17, I have deemed it proper, that there may be no misunderstanding, to inform you that the missionaries now sent from here to your assistance are designed, with the exception of br. Mustard, to travel from Conference to Conference, aiding you to keep all things in order throughout your Presidency, and are not to be stationed or tarry in any one place longer than may be necessary.

I enclose a note drawn in my favor, by br. Lewis Bertrand, for Pound19.11.9 (private a/c) which please collect for me from br. Bertrand, so soon as he is in funds, and place to my credit on the books in your office.

Bro. John Slade, who arrived on the 15th. inst. has made some business arrangements since his arrival, and has written to br. J.D. Ross, in whose care he left some of his affairs, to pay to you all monies he has received or may receive on his (br. Slades) a/c, for which he has also written to br. Ross to take receipts from you in his stead or behalf. I wish you to give this matter your attention and oversight, that said business may be transacted to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Br. Bertrand is appointed to preside over the French Mission but is placed under your direction, and his official certificate is so made out.

I have drawn a draft 134, favor of Louisa Badd, for Pound10.6.2 also draft No 135 for Pound12.7.5, favor of Wm H. Hooper

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young