1859 September 24 Letter to Franklin W. Young


1859 September 24 Letter to Franklin W. Young


Instructions on securing tithing livestock. Young may use tithing hay to feed the mail animals.




Brigham Young


Franklin W. Young


1859 September 24


Great Salt Lake City
Payson, Utah County, U. T.

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G.S.L. City, Sep. 24, 1859.

Pres. Franklin W. Young,
Payson, Utah Co., U.T.,

Dear Brother:--
Yours of the 23 inst. is at hand, and by it I am pleased to learn that you are diligently proceeding in the right direction in the affairs of your Ward.

You probably need not be advised on the matter, but are aware that prompt and careful attention is necessary to enable you to take proper care of all tithing produce, that no avoidable waste or loss may occur. Among other provisions to enable you to preserve the tithing, it will be well to build a sufficiently large and tight pen or yard of poles in which to secure your corn fodder, and induce the sisters to aid their husbands and brothers in paying their labor tithing by neatly paring and drying the tithing pumpkins and squashes, as it is presumable we may need them here next season.

You are liberty to feed the mail animals on Tithing hay, until further directed; and in case the contractor wishes you to feed oats, or any other grain to the animals you can do so upon condition that he delivers here the same number of bushels of grain, with him for the trouble of feeding said grain.

It may be well for Br. Charles Hancock to try to come here with you, when you next visit this city, and attend to the settling up of his books.

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young