1859 November 1 Letter to William H. Aston


1859 November 1 Letter to William H. Aston


Brother Ellsworth will pay the Salt Lake Office and then Aston's uncle will be paid in Liverpool.




Brigham Young


William H. Aston


1859 November 1


Great Salt Lake City
Parowan, Iron County, U. T.


Financial Matters

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G. S. L. City, Nov. 1, 1859

Eider William H. Aston,
Parowan, Iron County, U.T.,

Dear Brother:--
Your letter of Sept. 20. came duly to hand, and upon the first opportunity I read it to br. Ellsworth. He assented to the main points in your letter, and said that he had given his note to your Uncle for the Pound11, and expected to pay it, but that your Uncle told him at the time that he was in no particular hurry for the money. Br. Ellsworth exonerates you from any responsibility in the matter, saying that you settled with him in full upon his arrival home, and gives that as the reason why he had not replied to all of your letters, having informed you that he would see the amount paid.

I have advised him to pay the Pound11 into my office as soon as possible, when I will instruct the Liverpool Office to pay that sum to your Uncle.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young