1859 November 1 Letter to Lewis Brunson


1859 November 1 Letter to Lewis Brunson


An inquiry about a lost package for Sister Peterson.




Daniel H Wells


Lewis Brunson


1859 November 1


Great Salt Lake City



Item sets


Presidents Office,
G.S.L. City Nov. 1st. 1859,

Bishop Lewis Brunson,

Dear Brother:--
Enclosed is a note from Bro. Wm. Stevens sent in relation to a package of clothing being left for her <Sister Peterson> at this office. We have neither seen nor heard of any such package, Sister Peterson has been here repeatedly for them in vain, she is a poor woman who does washing for a livelihood and stands very much in need of the package which I understand is clothing sent to her by her husband from California; I wish that you would enquire into the matter, and see what you can do towards getting the things and forwarding them to this office for her. I suppose from the tenor of the enclosed letter that Thomas Robins resides in your place or at Cedar springs please see him and find out what disposition has been made of the things and if he yet retains them try and get them and forward by Mail as before stated. All is well except the President is quite sick this evening. Bro. Woodruff is getting better

May the Lord bless you and all Israel forever.
Your Brother in the Gospel covenant,

Daniel H Wells

Please return the enclosed note,