1859 November 2 Letter to Peter Schuttler


1859 November 2 Letter to Peter Schuttler


The court upheld a note payable by C. A. & E. H. Perry to Peter Schuttler but an appeal has been filed with the U. S. District Court.




Brigham Young


Peter Schuttler


1859 November 2


Great Salt Lake City
Chicago, Illinois


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G. S. L. City, Nov. 2, 1859.

Mr. Peter Schuttler,
Chicago, Illinois,

Mr. E. H. Perry's refusal to pay the note given to you by C. A. & E. H. Perry, and its consequent protest, compelled me to institute suit for its collection, which I immediately did in the Probate Court for this County, and obtained judgement in your favor. From this judgement Mr. Perry gave bonds and took an appeal to the U.S. District Court which, under present arrangements, does not hold a term until next July.

In the mean time your note will be drawing interest, probably 10 per cent, and, so far as can be now foreseen will be paid principal and interest, after the laws ted(ious) delays are exhausted.

This is all that is within my power to do in the matter at present, and I would be pleased to have you inform me whether it is your wish for me to continue as I am now doing or have you greater facilities for expediting the collection of the note, and, if so, shall I forward it and the proceedings here had thereon to you?

Very Respectfully Your Obt Sevt

Brigham Young

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