1859 November 3 Letter to John P. Reading, et al.


1859 November 3 Letter to John P. Reading, et al.


William Williams was detained and experiencing psychosis. He is too unstable to send to family in the states. He is being cared for by the county.




Brigham Young


John P. Reading


1859 November 3


Great Salt Lake City
Frankfort, Kentucky


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G. S. L. City, U. T. Nov 3. 1859.

Messr's John P. Reading, C. F. Morehead, W. C. Freed,
Frankfort , Kentucky,

Gentlemen:-- In reply to your letter of August 27, I have to inform you that William V. (or U) Williams, on his way to California, was found crazy in the streets of this city on the 17th of July last, and taken by the police to the city lock up, where he remained a short time. Upon report of his case to the Hon. Elias Smith, Probate Judge of Great Salt Lake County, Mr. Williams was removed from the lock-up and confined in a comfortable room in the county jail. Medical aid was procured, and in about two weeks he was so far recovered that he was permitted to have his liberty, and subsequently boarded in the family of Judge Smith some two weeks, during which time every possible means was used to fully restore his reason, but without success. He again became frantic, and had to be confined. Since then he has been better at times; when deemed to be prudent he has been allowed his liberty, but has to be closely watched when not confined.

I am happy in being able to inform you that he has been is, and will be as well cared for, at the expense of this county, as the circumstances of his case will admit, Mr. Robert F. Burton, Sheriff of Great Salt Lake County, having him in charge.

Arrangements were made to send him to his friends in the States, but at the time of starting he was so crazy that the company did not deem it prudent to take him.

Mr. Williams is young and of apparently good constitution, and I trust he may yet recover from the sad affliction which has visited him.

Hon. Elias Smith, or Mr Robert F. Burton, both of this city, and who have the immediate oversight and care of Mr. Williams, will take pleasure in furnishing you, or any of his friends or relatives, such further information concerning him as you, or they, may desire.

Gentlemen:--I have the honor to remain, Very Respectfully, Your Obt Srv't

(Signed) Brigham Young