1859 November 5 Letter to William D Huntington


1859 November 5 Letter to William D Huntington


Brigham is willing to financially assist transporting an apparatus for boring artesian wells.




Brigham Young


William D Huntington


1859 November 5


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City
Novr. 5th, 1859.

Wm. D. Huntingdon, Esqr.

Dear Brother:-
I understand through your Bro. Dimmick that you are willing <to> bring on an apparatus for boring artesian wells, piping, &c. from San Bernardino where it can be reasonably and easily obtained, provided you can get sufficient encouragement for so doing. Aside from the general interest which must be felt in the various settlements in this territory where water is scarce, in such an enterprise I myself, will give five thousand dollars to you, or any one else, who will supply me at such a place as I shall direct on my farm above my lower mill in this city, a current of water forcing itself thirty feet above the surface of the ground, from a five inch bore well and permanently secured, with a good and sufficient iron pipe extending from the bottom of the well, to the surface. Of course until it is tried it is impossible to know what success we may yet have in boring for water in this country, but I am strongly of the opinion that if properly conducted such efforts will meet with the most complete success, and think you will do well to undertake it, and trust that the enterprise will prove beneficial to you and of general public interest.

May the Lord bless and prosper you and all Israel in doing good is the prayer of your Brother in the Gospel of Christ

Brigham Young

It might be well, if you conclude to go into this business, to bring different sized augers, say from 2(1/2) to 6 inches.