1859 November 7 Letter to Whom it May Concern


1859 November 7 Letter to Whom it May Concern


The Beaver and Parowan settlements are instructed to select bishops.




Brigham Young


To Whom it may Concern


1859 November 7


Great Salt Lake City


Domestic Disputes
Church Leadership

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President's Office,
G. S. L. City, Nov. 7, 1859.

To Whom it may concern,

Dear Brethren:--
Improving the opportunity afforded by Elder Amasa Lyman, and Charles C. Rich's trip south, we have requested them to examine into the case between Bro. John Milner and his wife, as to their late separation; and if they wish to again live together, it is my counsel that they be privileged so to do.

Elders Lyman and Rich are also instructed to visit the two lower settlements on Beaver and organize them into a ward. To this intent we wish the brethren in those settlements to select a person qualified to magnify the office of a Bishop, one who will not only be a father to his ward, but will also keep a correct accounts of all tithings and make satisfactory reports thereof.

Bp. Tarlton Lewis having removed from Parowan the brethren there are also counselled to select a suitable person to fill his place, and Bros. Lyman and Rich will set apart and ordain the person <so> selected. They will also see that the High Council at Parowan is full and in good standing.

In addition to the above, specified duties, Elders Lyman and Rich will give such other counsels and instructions as wisdom may dictate, and, in giving heed to their teachings, and walking in obedience to the precepts of our religion, you will enjoy the blessings of Heaven and the prayers and fellowship of

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young