1859 November 14 Letter to Christian Nielson


1859 November 14 Letter to Christian Nielson


A request to replace or pay for the doors, window, roofing and flooring he took from the house he occupied .




Brigham Young


Christian Nielson


1859 November 14


Great Salt Lake City
San Pete Valley, U. T.



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G. S. L. City. Nov. 14th, 1859.

Mr. Christian Nielson,
San Pete Valley, U. T.

Dear Brother:--
I understand that you once occupied the house owned by Mr. Patten, the one formerly owned by br. John Brown, in the survey known as Amasa Lyman's. I am also informed that when you left said house you took away the doors, windows, roofing, flooring, &c. belonging to it, and then sold the place. If such are the facts I deem it but right that you at once put said building in as good repair as you found it, or pay sister Patten, the rightful owner, who is now in this city, a sufficient amount of ready available means to enable her to do so. Your immediate attention to this matter will probably save you cost and trouble.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young