1859 November 21 Letter to John W. Hess


1859 November 21 Letter to John W. Hess


A bill of divorcement is sent for signature. Hess is to help determine the support of the children.




Brigham Young


John W. Hess


1859 November 21


Great Salt Lake City
Farmington Davis County, U. T.


Domestic Dispute

Item sets


President's Office,
G. S. L. City Nov. 21, 1859.

Bishop John W. Hess,
Farmington Davis Co., U. T.

Dear Brother:--
I inclose you a blank bill of divorce, and wish to have br. John R. Blanchard, Sen. and his wife Sarah sign it, and at the time of signing let the bill be paid for, or its payment satisfactorily arranged.

Sister Sarah states that she can support herself, but she wants her clothes, and wants br. Blanchard either to take care of her three children until she can provide a home for them, or to provide her the means of doing so. She does not ask anything for herself except her clothes. Please examine into the question of clothing and children, and adjust it to the best advantage you can.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young