1860 March 1 Authorization for Bryant Stringham and Feramorz Little


1860 March 1 Authorization for Bryant Stringham and Feramorz Little


An authorization for Bryant Stringham and Feramorz Little to adjust property business matters between Charles Hancock and the Church.




Brigham Young


To Whom It May Concern


1860 March 1


Great Salt Lake City


Church Leadership

Item sets


Presidents Office
G.S.L. City, March 1. 1860

To all whom it may concern:-This is to certify that Elders Bryant Stringham and Feramorz Little, the bearers of this letter, are hereby instructed and authorized to proceed to Payson, Utah County, U.T., and examine into and adjust all matters of business, and examine into, appraise, and decide upon property, so far as between the Trustee in Trust for the C. of J.C. of L.D. Saints and Elder Charles B. Hancock, late Bishop of Payson.

To facilitate their operations in the transaction of the aforenamed business, Elders Stringham and Little are furnished by this Office with transcripts from br. C.W. Handcock's books, and other detailed and summary statements of his accounts, so far as we are able to furnish them, and are further authorized to question persons and examine papers pertinent to the proper transaction of the business with which they are hereby intrusted. They are also authorized to employ the assistance of Bishop F.W. Young's Clerk to do such writing and figuring as may be necessary in the transaction of their duties as above specified,

Brigham Young

Trustee in Trust