1860 March 2 Letter to Jacob Croft


1860 March 2 Letter to Jacob Croft


If Croft cannot build a grist mill this season in Fillmore Brigham would like S. P. Hoyt to do so.




Brigham Young


Jacob Croft


1860 March 2


Great Salt Lake City
Fillmore, Millard County, U. T.


Business Matters

Item sets


G.S.L. City, March 2. 1860.

Elder Jacob Croft,
Fillmore, Millard Co., U.T.

Dear Brother:-I am informed by br. Hoyt, that you intend going to the States this season to look after some business and make purchases of burr stones, &c. for a grist mill. That is all right, but it will prevent your doing any thing about building a mill this season, for which reason I deem it advisable for br. S.P. Hoyt to go ahead at once and build a good grist mill at Fillmore, and when you return with your materials you will be prepared to build a mill at br. Bartholomew's settlement on the Sevier, or such other locality as you may prefer. Or, should you prefer doing so, you are at liberty to tarry at home and build a mill in Fillmore this season.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young