1860 March 5 Letter to Franklin W. Young


1860 March 5 Letter to Franklin W. Young


A request for Brother Wandell to teach school in Payson.




Brigham Young


Franklin W. Young


1860 March 5


Great Salt Lake City
Payson, Utah County, Utah



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G.S.L. City, Mar 5, 1860.

Bishop F.W. Young,
Payson, Utah Co., U.T.,

Dear Brother:-- Your note of the 2d inst., upon the back of a letter from br. C.W. Wandell to you, Feb. 19, is at hand. I learn from that letter that they now have three good schools in Beaver, that br. Wandell is not teaching, and that you very much need a good school teacher at your place.

Under these circumstances, and as I understand that br. Wandell is a good teacher and much prefers that branch of business, in which, so far as I learn, he can probably do more good than in any other, I deem it best for br. Wandell to come to Payson, at his earliest convenience, and at once ingage in school teaching there the year round.

Please, by the first opportunity, inform Bishop Farnsworth and br. Wandell of my opinion in this matter, as above expressed.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young

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