1860 March 8 Letter to Richard Griffin & Co.


1860 March 8 Letter to Richard Griffin & Co.


Brigham has sent an accurate memoir and requests that their opinionated and incorrect memoir not be published.




Brigham Young


Ricard Griffin & Co.


1860 March 8


Great Salt Lake City
London, England

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G.S.L. City. Mar 8. 1860.

Mess'rs Richard Griffin & Co.,

Ave maria Lane, London, E.C.,

Gentlemen:-Your note of Dec. /59, with accompany "memoir" for my revision, are at hand.

Whoever wrote the "memoir" must have been very ignorant of the subject, or given but little heed to your "desire to give facts rather than offer opinions." This is apparent from the writer's useing "Joe" instead of Joseph, and terming our faith "heresy", and branding us with the epithet "heretics", and asserting that I rule "despotically."

These, with other exceptions, prevented my revising the "memoir" furnished, and caused the substitution of the inclosed memoir in its stead, which you are at liberty to publish, with a perfect reliance upon the correctness of the facts and statements therein contained. Should you decline printing the accompanying very brief, though strictly accurate, biographical sketch, made in view of your requirement of the "highest degree of accuracy,"

I respectfully request you not to print any thing concerning me in your contemplated "Cotemporary Biography"

The biographical sketch herewith furnished has been confined, as nearly as possible, to about the same space as that of the "memoir" furnished, presuming that to be the limit.

In the last paragraph of the accompanying substituted memoir, I have written the judgement of others who are intimately acquainted with my conduct and character, as I never contemplate my own character, skill, or ability, a constant press of important business preventing my doing so.

Should you wish further additions by me to the article in question, please infor,

Very respectfully,


Brigham Young

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1860 March Biographical Sketch sent to Richard Griffin & Co.