1860 March 8 Letter to William H. Hooper


1860 March 8 Letter to William H. Hooper


A bill of articles is to be purchased and returned next season. Asa Calkin will provide the funds.




Brigham Young


William H. Hooper


1860 March 8


Great Salt Lake City
Washington D. C.


Financial Matters

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City Mar. 8. 1860

Hon. William H Hooper
Washington D.C.

Dear Brother
On the 1st of December I wrote you a letter in which I enclosed a bill I wished you to purchase and forward by Bro Andrew Moffitt as the particulars were in that letter and fearing you have not received it I herwith make an extract so far as appertains to that matter and also again forward the Bill of articles.

<(Dec 1st 1859)> "Inclosed please find a Bill of articles which I wish you to be so kind as to purchase for me, in time to be forwarded with br Andrew next season, Per advice of current date, Prest. A. Calkin will provide you with a letter of credit for some five or nine hundred dollars, as the case may be, to be applied in payment of such bill, Should the letter of credit not cover the amount of purchases now requested timely arrangement for the balance will be made so as not to cause any inconvenience. As I do not know the amount of the said letter of credit, nor what the articles will cost, should the letter of credit not cover the bill and other means not be forthcoming in time please drop off such articles as can best be dispensed with, as silks & satins, using your own judgment

If you received the letter from which the above extract was taken then this Bill is void. If you did not receive it then please purchase the articles as per enclosed Bill and forward by Bro Andrew Moffitt.

If you do not have time to select these goods and if Bro. Henry Lawrence (who leaves for
the states in a few days) should arrive in season I would suggest that he assist you in this Matter

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young