1860 March 8 Letter George Q. Cannon


1860 March 8 Letter George Q. Cannon


A request to assist Henry McEwen to bring the necessary articles to continue as stereotype founder in Utah. Money will be sent for the emigration of Alice Wickham.




Brigham Young


George Q. Cannon


1860 March 8


Great Salt Lake City
Washington D.C.

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G.S.L. City, Mar 8. 1860

Elder George Q. Cannon,
Washington D.C.,

Dear Brother:-I have no letter from you unanswered, nor any special news to communicate, nor much additional business to burthen you with, still that little I would be pleased to have attended to, if possible, and gladly embrace the present opportunity for writing to you.

I am informed that a br. Henry McEwen, father of John and Henry, who are here and whom you know, is on his way to this place this season, and is an experienced stereotype founder. I wish you to have br. McEwen searched out and furnished, if he is unable to furnish himself, with such articles as he may require to enable him to successfully prosecute his business upon his arrival her. I am fully aware that your head and hands are pretty busily occupied, and do not desire to overburthen you, but trust that you will be able to have this matter properly attended to.

It is now anticipated that br. Silver will start from here for the paper machine, &c., about the 20th of this month, and company of missionaries and the ox train for Florence will leave so soon as the snow and grass will permit, thus giving us opportunities for forwarding monies, &c. By one of those opportunities, probably by br. Silver, I shall remit to you $15 deposited here by br. George Stevens to assist sister Alice Wickham on her way out. She is said to have come from Liverpool by the first passenger ship of this year's immigration, and I wish you to arrange for her to have the benefit of said $15.

Your family and the people generally are in the enjoyment of good health, and affairs here
are progressing as when last advised

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young