1860 March 9 Letter to Warren S. Snow


1860 March 9 Letter to Warren S. Snow


Brigham approves loaning wheat to the brethren. He counsels caution and forbearance with the natives and suggests furnishing them with tithing grain.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Warren S. Snow


1860 March 9


Great Salt Lake City
Manti, Sanpete County, U. T.


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G.S.L. City. March 9, 1860

Bishop Warren S. Snow,
Manti, Sanpete Co., U.T.,

Dear Brother:-In reply to yours of Feb. 26, you are at liberty to loan wheat to the brethren, for seed and bread, upon condition that they return it, soon after next harvest, at the rate of five pecks for each bushel they borrow. You can also loan the Mill Company the 500 bushels of wheat they wish, upon the condition already named. In all cases of loan, as above, be careful to have good

I am well aware that the natives in your region have been a very heavy tax, still I do not as yet see how you can altogether avoid it. For this reason it will doubtless be best to furnish them more or less tithing grain, useing in the matter the best judgement and discretion you have.

I am highly gratified to learn that Arapin remains friendly, and that he does the best he can to induce his people to do right.

In regard to the ugly and threatening natives, you do well to have all the whites constantly on their guard, and at the same time counsel all to use the utmost reasonable forbearance towards them, realizing their low ignorant, and degraded condition; and be very careful to keep as well informed of their plans and intended moves as you possibly can. If they do not behave they will rapidly waste away and cease troubling us.

As usual there are many rumors afloat, especially in regard to army movements; but nothing of material interest or import is transpiring, though it is presumeable that most or all of the troops will ere long be removed to points where they may be of some use, if there are any such places in a Republican Government.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young