1860 March 16 Letter to Bishop Z. K. Judd


1860 March 16 Letter to Bishop Z. K. Judd


A request to sell a cotton farm.




Brigham Young


Z. K. Judd


1860 March 16


Great Salt Lake City
Fort Clara, Washington County, U. T.



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G S L City, March 16. 1860.

Bishop Z.K Judd,
Fort Clara, Washington Co., U.T.

Dear Brother:-I had a conversation with the owners of our cotton farm, and on account of the distance and consequent disadvantage and cost of working it, and because persons in the cotton growing rejion have much more advantageously gone into the business, we concluded it best for us to cease our operations in that channel, whereupon, while William Crosby was at Lehi, on his way home, I wrote to him that I would be pleased to have him take charge of our cotton farm in your region, and either sell or rent it, but he replied that his health was so poor that he was afraid he would be unable to attend to it.

Should br. Crosby's health prevent or make it inconvenient for him to sell or rent said farm, I would like to have you do so, selling rather than renting, if you can. In case of either sale or rent, you are at liberty to include the tools left on the farm by br. Horne, but forward the stock here by the first safe opportunity.

We undertook cotton raising to prove that it could be done, and we now wish others to engage in that business, and release us.

Attention to this matter by yourself or by br. Crosby, or by both of you, as may be most convenient, will oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young