1860 March 19 Letter to Chauncey W. West


1860 March 19 Letter to Chauncey W. West


A request to notify Elders that they are called to go on a mission to Europe and should leave around April.




Brigham Young


Chauncey W. West


1860 March 19


Great Salt Lake City
Ogden, U. T.


Missionary Work

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G.S.L. City March 19, 1860.

Bishop Chauncey W. West,
Ogden, U.T.,

Dear Brother:-I am aware that br. James Brown 3d. has been notified on his having been selected to go on a mission, but others in your city have also been selected who, perhaps, are not notified, for which reason I wish you to at once notify Elders Henry Duce, Charles Welch, Charles Rhees, and David M. Stewart that they are also expected to take a mission to Europe
this season. Say to them that the Missionary Company will go with our down oxtrain to Florence, which will start from this City sometime from the 15th of April to 1st May, depending upon the grass and the snow in the mountains.

Your attention to the above will oblige,

Your Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young